Treating, Sowing and Side dressing of the Soybean Seed (Jun 13, 2017)

Treating: Treating and sowing seed usually Rhizobium inoculation is not required in fields where legumes are cultivated. But newly opened lands need Rhizobium bacteria inoculations at 10 grams per kilogram of seed. This inoculation will promote nodule formation and nitrogen fixation by the plant roots. The seed is also treated with fungicides such as captan or thiram for protection against soil borne fungal diseases.

Sowing: Spacing between rows is 45 cm and between plants 5–10 cm depending upon seed size and season. Two to three seeds are sown in each hill. However, spacing between rows varies with variety and season. Usually seeding is required to obtain a population of 400,000 plants per hectare. Seeds can be sown by hand or machine.

Side-dressing: The first side dressing is done at the rate of 20 kg Nitrogen + 25 kg Potassium oxide per hectare along plant rows at flowering for higher pod set. A second application of 20 kg Nitrogen per hectare is done at the beginning of the pod filling stage to improve seed size.

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