Top 10 suggestions for Tractor Safety (Jul 05, 2017)

Tractors are the primary source of work related injuries on farms, nationally, nearly one-third farm work fatalities are tractor related. In recent years, June and July have been the months when most tractor accidents have happened. Accidents that involve tractors account for a large percentage of total farm accident fatalities. However, not all the injuries happen while the tractor is being used for work. Injuries occur for a variety of reasons and in several different ways.
Hazards can be grouped into four categories: 
  • overturns
  • runovers
  • power take-off entanglements
  • older tractor technology.
Top ten suggestions for tractor safety:
  • Match the operator to equipment
  • One seat = One person
  • Have a ROPS to provide a protected zone
  • Stay in the protective zone
  • Keep up good maintenance
  • Avoid common injuries from slips, trips and falls
  • Avoid side rollovers
  • Avoid rear overturns
  • Keep PTO guards in place
  • Limit mixing tractors and vehicular roadway traffic
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