Soybean Planting Dates, Re-planting, Seeding Rates, Seeding Treatments & Depth (Jun 29, 2017)

June is usually the time of the year when full season soybean is kicking into high gear and we begin planting double-crop soybean. Unbelievably, double-crop soybean is wrapping up in many areas due to small grain maturing earlier than normal.  

Planting Date: Plant as soon as possible, but don’t cause more serious problems by planting into too wet or dry soils.

Seeding Rate: Seeding rates now need to be at least 180,000 seed per acre, even on the best of soils.  

Replanting: Generally, replanting does not pay this time of the year unless the stand is horrible.  

Seed Treatments: Plants usually emerge and grow quickly. The exception is wet soils soybean will emerge very slow when soils are saturated. You may consider a fungicide on the seed if you have poorly drained soils, your soils are already wet, and rain is predicted.

Seeding Depth: Planting soybean at 1.5 inch works just fine when soils are warm. Sometimes, it’s better to plant deeper to hit moisture than to plant into dry soils.

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