Soil and Climatic Conditions for Soybeans (Jun 14, 2017)

There are several climatic conditions required for the proper growth of Soybean; they include:

Rainfall: Soybeans can be grown throughout the year in the tropics and subtropics, if water is available. Soybean requires 400 to 500 mm rainfall in a season for a good crop. High moisture requirement is critical at the time of germination, flowering and pod forming stage. However, the dry weather is necessary for ripening. Soybeans can tolerate brief water logging but weathering of seed is a serious problem in the rainy season.

Sea Level and Kinds of Soybean: Soybean is grown from the Equator to latitude 55° N or 55° S and from below sea level to altitudes close to 2000 m. Above 2000 m the late maturing varieties take as long as 180 days but they out yield the early maturing varieties. Soybean is a short-day plant.

Temperature: Temperature below 21°C and above 32°C can reduce flowering and pod set. Extreme temperature above 40°C are harmful for seed production.

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