Simple Technique for Scheduling Irrigation (Jun 28, 2017)

Soil cum sand mini plot technique: In this method, one cubic meter pit is dug in the middle of field. Crops are grown as usual in the entire area of the field including the pit area. The plants in the pit show wilting symptoms earlier than the other plants in the remaining area. Irrigation is scheduled as soon as wilting symptoms appear on the plants in the pit.

Sowing high seed rate: In an elevated area, one square meter plot is selected and crop is grown with four times thicker than natural seed rate. Because of high plant density, plants show wilting symptoms earlier than in the area indicating the need for scheduling irrigation.

Feel and appearance method: Moisture content can be roughly estimated by taking the soil from root zone into hand and making into small ball. It requires lot of experience to estimate the soil moisture by this method.

Tensiometer: Tensionmeters provide a direct measure of tension with which water is held by soil. Care should be taken to install tensiometer in the active root zone of the crop. When desired tension is reached, the soil is irrigated. 

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