Prices of Soybean Oils Rose by Rs. 100 per Quintal (Nov 30, 2017)

Prices of soybean and sesame oils rose by Rs 100 per quintal at the wholesale oils and oilseeds market today on uptick in demand from retailers.

However, other edible and non-edible oils moved in a narrow range in limited deals and settled around the previous levels.

Traders said pick-up in demand from retailers against restricted supplies from producing belts, mainly led to the rise in soybean and sesame oil prices.

In the national capital, soybean refined mill delivery (Indore) and soybean degum (Kandla) oils edged up by Rs 100 each to Rs 7,500 and Rs 7,100 per quintal, respectively. Sesame mill delivery also traded higher by a similar margin to Rs 8,500 per quintal.

Quotations (in Rs per quintal) are Soybean Refined Mill Delivery (Indore) Rs 7,500, Soybean Degum (Kandla) Rs 7,100.

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