Preparing the field for Soybean Plantings (Jun 12, 2017)

Land tillage operation helps in making the soil fertile for good germination, increase soil porosity and aeration for healthy plant growth, and kill weeds that compete with the crop for nutrients, moisture and light. 

The fertilizer requirements are determined based on the analysis. The higher the current level of nutrients in the soil, the lesser will be the quantity of fertilizer needed. To get a good harvest and maintain soil nutrient status of consistent productivity, a fertilizer mix containing N, P2O5 and K2O at the rate of 20–30, 60 and 80 kg/ha respectively, is applied by broadcast as a basal dose. The fertilizer is incorporated into the soil with final harrowing and leveling of the field. 

The soil should not be too dry at the time of seedbed preparation. Irrigate the field 3–4 days prior to sowing to ensure sufficient moisture in the soil for good germination. Prepare 20-cm raised beds spaced 1 m apart from center of one bed to the center of the next.

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