Practices of seeds and sowing (Jun 19, 2017)

For cultivation of any field crop, one must follow the recommended practices of seeds and sowing to harvest maximum yield of the crop.

Seed rate: The seed rate per unit area depends on germination of the seed, size of the seed, growing habit of the crop, etc. Extremes from the recommended seed rate affect the plant population & then yield of crop. Higher seed rate will influence higher plant population/unit area. It results in heavy competition within the crop plants and suppresses the crop growth. Lower seed rate will result lower plant population thereby lowers the yield/unit area. Most crops are seeded at smaller rates under dry land than under irrigated condition. Seed rate depends on size, germination, growing habit, type of farming, time of sowing, variety, etc.

Seed treatment: It is a process of application of chemicals to seeds that prevent the carriage of insect or pathogens in or on the seeds.

The objectives of seed treatments are as follows,

  • To control disease
  • To have convenience in sowing
  • To have quick germination
  • To increase nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • To protect the seed against insect pests
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