Objectives of Conducting Weed Control (Jun 15, 2017)

  • To determine the herbicidal activity of a new unestablished compound on a weed or crop specied.
  • To determine the optimum rate, time and method of application of herbicide on specific weed species flora in a crop.
  • To study the harmful or beneficial impacts of herbicide on a weed control practice on the yield and quality of crop in a mix or rotation.
  • To study the persistence activity and residual problem of any of herbicide.
  • To determine the effect of herbicide in different formulations.
  • To improve the activity of herbicide in combination with adjuvants and other herbicides.
  • To study the changes on weed flora due to continuous use of herbicide or weed control practice.
  • To determine the suitability of the herbicide for a weed control in a crop situation.
  • To determine the duration of weed competition and the time of weeding of weed control in crop.
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