Fumigannt Safety (Jul 13, 2017)

Fumigants are used to manage insect pests in agricultural fields, grain storage facilities, and residential environments. These products are considered restricted use. Fumigants are toxic chemicals they can harm humans if used improperly. Carelessness regarding their use may lead to serious injury or death.

An example of fumigant misuse occurred in Texas at the beginning of 2017 and demonstrated how dangerous these products can be. Four children were killed after inhaling large amounts of phosphine gas, which is produced when a fumigant product with the active ingredient of either aluminum or magnesium phosphide comes into contact with moisture in the air.

When using fumigants or any pesticide, always follow the labels. This generally includes chemical resistant gloves, a respirator with organic vapor/acid gas cartridges, long shirt, long pants, and eye protection. Depending on the fumigant and levels of the associated gas in the environment, either a forced air or self-contained air respirator may be required.

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