Curative measures to improve damaged lands (Jun 27, 2017)

Surface and Sub Surface Drainage: 

On construction of drainage scheme the sub soil water level that goes down the damaged areas are dried up and are brought back to cultivation after adopting reclamation methods.

Intensive well irrigation to keep the sub soil water level under check: 

Another effective measure to improve the damaged areas is to have a network of working wells in suitable locations. Well irrigation forms an alternative solution where drainage cannot be adopted at economic cost.

Reclamation method to bring the fertility of soils for growing normal crops: 

Agriculture practices, governing the maintenance of optimum amounts of basic factors such as soil moisture control etc. are not attended to maintain good surface and sub surface drainage therefore becomes very essential. Partly water logged and fully water logged areas can be reclaimed by lowering sub soil water table to more than 4’ by artificial drainage. Preliminary agricultural operations are carried out on drying of the surface soil. 

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