Application of Manure to Double Crop Soybeans (Jun 21, 2017)
In recent years, there has been more interest from livestock producers in applying manure to newly planted soybeans to provide moisture to help get the crop emerged. Both swine and dairy manure can ... more
Soybean Market Update (Jun 21, 2017)
Soybean prices were nearly firm to 0.5 percent in the international market on Wednesday. The most active soybean contract on Chicago Board of Trade climbed high to 0.32 percent to $9.30-3/4 a ... more
Possible Causes of Yellow Soybeans (Jun 20, 2017)
Nitrogen deficiency: In fields that have been extremely wet or extremely dry, or under severe early heat stress, rhizobial nodule development can be delayed, resulting in Nitrogen deficiency. With ... more
Soybean Cultivation Process (Jun 20, 2017)
Planting time: Sow soybeans in spring 2 to 3 weeks after the average last frost date when the soil has warmed to at least 60°F. Soybeans grow best where the daytime temperature averages between 60° ... more
Practices of seeds and sowing (Jun 19, 2017)
For cultivation of any field crop, one must follow the recommended practices of seeds and sowing to harvest maximum yield of the crop. Seed rate: The seed rate per unit area depends on germination ... more
Soybean prices raised higher in the international ... (Jun 19, 2017)
The Chicago soybean prices were little changed in early Asian Trade. Soybean prices increased for a third session due to strong demand in the international market. On Thursday, the monthly U.S ... more
Precautions to be taken while preparing fertilizer... (Jun 16, 2017)
Do not mix the fertilizer containing ammonia like Ammonium Sulphate with basically reactive fertilizers like lime, basic slag, Rock Phosphate and Calcium Cyanide as losses of Nitrogen may result ... more
Soybean Market Update (Jun 16, 2017)
Soybean prices on U.S processing raised higher in the international market on Friday. Soybeans made progress higher than expected crushing in May on behind of strong demand in the United States. ... more
Objectives of Conducting Weed Control (Jun 15, 2017)
To determine the herbicidal activity of a new unestablished compound on a weed or crop specied. To determine the optimum rate, time and method of application of herbicide on specific weed species ... more
Soybean Market Update (Jun 15, 2017)
Soybean prices in the international market decreased for a second day on Thursday after easing in the last session as plentiful supplies from South America and rain estimates in the U.S. grain belt ... more
Soybean Market Update (Jun 14, 2017)
Soybean prices in the international market increased on Wednesday. The most active soybean contract on Chicago Board of trade increased to 0.1 percent to $9.33-1/2 a bushel which was set to 0.1 ... more
Soil and Climatic Conditions for Soybeans (Jun 14, 2017)
There are several climatic conditions required for the proper growth of Soybean; they include: Rainfall: Soybeans can be grown throughout the year in the tropics and subtropics, if water is ... more
Treating, Sowing and Side dressing of the Soybean ... (Jun 13, 2017)
Treating: Treating and sowing seed usually Rhizobium inoculation is not required in fields where legumes are cultivated. But newly opened lands need Rhizobium bacteria inoculations at 10 grams per ... more
Preparing the field for Soybean Plantings (Jun 12, 2017)
Land tillage operation helps in making the soil fertile for good germination, increase soil porosity and aeration for healthy plant growth, and kill weeds that compete with the crop for nutrients, ... more
Weed Control in Rainfed Agriculture (Jun 12, 2017)
Weed cause considerable damage to the crops in general and in dryland. The weeds complete with crop plants in respect of moisture and nutrients. The moisture as such is already in short supply in ... more
Seedling Diseases of Soybeans (Jun 09, 2017)
Soybeans can succumb to various diseases early in the growing season. These diseases typically are favored by conditions that slow soybean emergence and favor pathogen growth, such as wet weather ... more
Indian Soybean Market Update (Jun 08, 2017)
Lower supply fear has increased the prices of Soybean and Soyoil in the Indian markets. The farmer’s strike in India has resulted in the rise of fear of lower supply of soybean, in India’s top ... more
Side- Wall And Pinch Row Compaction (Jun 07, 2017)
Compaction of any kind can lead to emergence issues and possible yield loss. Identifying compaction is the first step in understanding the consequences during the growing season and at harvest ... more
Late-Planted Soybean Recommendations (Jun 06, 2017)
Soybean producers can help adjust their management practices and make informed decisions for late-planted soybeans with below information. • Planting date - Plant as early as soil conditions ... more
Trends Shaping The Future Of Farming (Jun 05, 2017)
The two big drivers of food demand – population and income – are on the rise. The world’s population is expected to reach 9.1 billion people in 2050, up from 7.4 billion in 2016. Farmers globally ... more
Greater Yields are Possible for Double Crop Soybea... (Jun 02, 2017)
Below are a few things to consider for double-crop soybean Seeding Rate: In general, you can probably back off on your seeding rates from what you were planning if you get your double-crop soybean ... more
Soybean Market Update (Jun 02, 2017)
The soybean prices in the International Market decreased on Friday which is fourth weekly decline due to improved weather for plantings in the U.S Midwest and the record south American supplies are ... more
Soybean Market Update (Jun 01, 2017)
Soybean prices in the international market increased on Thursday which rose for second session as port strike in Argentina scared to hamper supplies from the world's third largest exporter of the ... more
Minimizing Herbicide Residues in Soil (May 31, 2017)
A herbicide is said to be persistent when it may be found to exist in soil in its original form or closely related but active form for longer period or more than one crop season on after its ... more
Agronomic Measures for Management of Scare and Cos... (May 31, 2017)
Agronomy becomes difficult due to mismanagement of scare and costly inputs like soil, rainfall, irrigation water, fertilizer, seeds etc. Low cost Technology: The technology that does not need more ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 30, 2017)
The Chicago soybean prices decreased on Tuesday with the market that came down to a more than 13-month low as a record supplies from South America pressurized the prices. The most active soybean ... more
Minimum Tillage is Useful in Rainfed Farming (May 30, 2017)
Tillage may be defined as the practice of modifying the state of soil in order to provide conditions favorable for plant growth. It has been pressed hearing the experimental findings that the ... more
Soil and Water Conservation in Rainfed Agriculture... (May 29, 2017)
Soil and water are most essential for the growth and sustenance of plant life. Soil is important as it provides, foothold for plants and majority of nutrients needed by them. Water is essential as ... more
Asian Jumping Worms (May 26, 2017)
Jumping worms are among the approximately 6,000 species of terrestrial earthworms in the world. Jumping worms are also known as crazy worms or snake worms, names that describe their wild movement. ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 26, 2017)
The soybean prices in the international market decreased to hit a six week low on Friday as weak oil prices had pressurized the oilseeds in the market which were used to make ethanol. This was a ... more
Improved Dryland Technologies and Weed Management (May 25, 2017)
Dryland constitutes about 75 percent of cultivatable lands in India. The important improved Dryland technologies are given below : Selection of efficient crops and their varieties Crop planning as ... more
Summer Pricing for Corn and Soybeans (May 25, 2017)
Recent corn and soybean price declines associated with the political situation in Brazil erased the slight gains since the release of the March 31 Prospective Planting report. The information in ... more
Interaction of Sowing Date and Climatic Variabilit... (May 24, 2017)
The effect of sowing wheat at different dates was simulated for many locations. It was apparent that as potential yield increased. The reduction in yield per day delay in sowing also increased. It ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 24, 2017)
Soybean prices in the international market decreased for a second session on Wednesday with easing concerns over planting delays in the U.S. grain belt which pressurized the prices of the grains in ... more
Plant Population, Distribution Pattern and Weed Co... (May 23, 2017)
Cropping pattern in dryland is dependent on quantity and distribution of rainfall, soil type and its depth. In general, cropping intensity in dryland is only 100 percent. It is observed in the ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 23, 2017)
Soybeans prices in the international market were unchanged on Tuesday. The most active soybean contract on Chicago Board of Trade was unchanged to $9.56 –1/2 a bushel. The soybean plantings were ... more
Protection of Jowar from Birds and Measures to Inc... (May 22, 2017)
Protection of Jowar from Birds : Rabi jowar crop is subject to attack by birds during the milk, dough and mature stage of the grain. So it becomes necessary to make an arrangement for scaring away ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 22, 2017)
The soybean prices in the international market raised higher on Monday. The most active soybean contract on Chicago Board of Trade increased to 0.4 percent to $9.57 a bushel, which was firmed to ... more
Factors Affecting Successful Soybean Inoculation ... (May 19, 2017)
Several factors can result in poor nodulation or failure of inoculation: Poor or inadequate coverage of the seeds by the inoculum during inoculation. Contamination of inoculant with other foreign ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 19, 2017)
Soybean prices in the international market decreased on Friday which was the biggest weekly decline since late March. This brought a steep fall in Brazil’s currency that forced Brazilian farmers to ... more
Application Of liquid fertilizers (May 18, 2017)
Starter solutions: Solutions of fertilizers, generally consisting of N-P2O5 – K2O in the ratio of 1:2:1 and 1:1:2 are applied to young vegetable plants at the time of transplanting. It helps in the ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 18, 2017)
Soybean prices lowered in the international market by 1 percent on Thursday due to decrease in the Brazilian expectations of South American farmers would increase sales. The most active soybean ... more
Common Problems that Result from Using Poor Qualit... (May 17, 2017)
Salinity: Salinity problems related to water quality occurs if total quantity of salts in the irrigation water is high enough for the salts to accumulate in the crop root zone to the extent that ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 17, 2017)
The soybean prices raised higher in the international market on Wednesday. Due to support from strong demand for U.S Shipments, soybeans increased to third consecutive session which is near about ... more
Ecological Requirement for Cultivation Rabi Sorghu... (May 16, 2017)
Climatic Requirement for Cultivation Rabi Sorghum Moderately warm and dry climate. Optimum temperature requirement is between 150C to 320C. Temperature below 150C for longer period during winter ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 16, 2017)
Soybean prices in the international market decreased on Tuesday after closing slight higher. The most active soybean contract on Chicago Board of Trade decreased to 0.1 percent to $ 9.64 – 1 / 2 a ... more
Herbicides Rotations (May 15, 2017)
The constant use of herbicide in the field year after year has been reported to gradually bring about a change in weed flora and the new weeds are often more hardy than the original ones. The ... more
Soybean prices raised higher in the international ... (May 15, 2017)
Soybean prices raised higher in the international market on Monday which recovered from two week’s low of the previous sessions, although the estimates for ample global supplies that examined the ... more
Updating Corn and Soybean Export Pace (May 12, 2017)
Corn and soybean markets turns to 2017 prospects for production, the pace of old crop corn and soybean consumption carries implications for carryover stocks into the 2017-18 marketing year. Corn ... more
Soybean Market Update (May 12, 2017)
Soybeans were stable on Friday but the oilseed was ready to record its biggest one week fall in six weeks as estimates for record global production pressurize the prices. The most active soybean ... more

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